Shed holding the frozen corpse of Bredo Morstoel

Come Meet My Grandpa, He’s Frozen in the Shed

In Nederland, Colorado, Bredo Morstoel is known as the town’s frozen Grandpa. Grandpa Bredo took his last breath in 1989, and rests in a frozen steel coffin surrounded by insulation and blanketing. The family of Grandpa Bredo has built a mausoleum, out of a shed with a picture of Bredo when he was alive.

Bredo Morstoel
Bredo Morstoel

The family has 1600 pounds of dry ice shipped and delivered once a month, costing $690.

It was a family secret until Trygve, Grandpa’s great-grandson was deported because of a disagreement about why he needed to have a green card. Grandpa’s granddaughter told a town member, “What are we going to do about the body in the backyard?” The whole town quickly found out the Grandpa Bredo was a cryogenic resident in his old work shed.

A law was passed making it illegal to keep corpses on private property, but Grandpa Bredo was grandfathered in, and that’s how he became the town’s Grandpa.

he mausoleum has become a tourist attraction for the entire town. There are even coffin races, arts and craft displays, children’s activites, a Frozen Dead Van Smash, snowshoe races, and tours to visit Grandpa. The town also has a parade for Grandpa Bredo. The whole spectale is sponsored by the Nederland Chamber of Commerce.

Shed holding the frozen corpse of Bredo Morstoel in Nederland, Colorado
Shed holding the frozen corpse of Bredo Morstoel in Nederland, Colorado

Grandpa Bredo’s care is also taken on by town volunteers. The goal is to keep Grandpa frozen until science can restart his heart. The family also celebrates Grandpa’s birthday every year with an ice-cream cake. 

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