It’s a ring, made of silver, gold or some other metal. It is supposed to signify virginity celibacy until marriage. They have been around since the 1990s, being invented by United States Christian sexual abstinence groups (leave it to us to come up with this crap). What amazes me is that people actually believe all this Christian brainwashing crap. Suckers!

Purity Rings

This story isn’t about whether religion or Christianity is bullshit or not, although I will say all religion is a Joke and just a waste of everyone’s time. It was invented by people to put fear into them, and keep them serving their wishes. I don’t care whether it’s Christian, Muslim, Islamic, Jewish, or some other religion…… it’s all a big joke at your expense!!! I will save the religious debate for another time, however.

Back to this purity ring nonsense…. A 16-year-old London girl, Lydia Playfoot has asked the U.K. High Court to enforce her rights to wear a purity ring in school. The incident started when her school in West-Sussex imposed a ban on purity rings. Apparently the school already had a ban on wearing of any jewelery, whether religious or not. This Christian lemming, Lydia Playfoot, wants to make this into a religious discrimination case. Stop wasting everyone’s previous time and money and get a life already! She’s 16, she should be having fun and doing teenager stuff instead of worrying about her chastity! It’s not sacred, it’s not special…. it’s natural. We EVOLVED (oh, no…yes it’s true; EVOLUTION really DID happen) with penises and vagina’s for a reason. Do you see rabbits or chickens or cats or dogs waiting to have sex till they get married?

Lydia Playfoot
Lydia Playfoot

The school banned jewelery, religious, or not and I hope the U.K. court can see that it’s not a discrimination thing at all. She should be liable for the expenses the government has had to endure on her behalf!

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