Regular exfoliation of the skin is necessary in order to rid it of dry and dead skin cells that may be sitting on the surface layer. By exfoliating the skin, we are not only ensuring that it is cleansed properly, but also ensuring that it is able to adequately absorb any moisturizing products that we are using. Regular exfoliating of the skin also helps it to look healthier and prevents it from becoming dull and lackluster. Many commercial exfoliating products have a tendency to be very harsh on the skin and in many cases they may over exfoliate the skin causing redness, inflammation and further drying out of the skin.

For those who suffer from sensitive skin, commercial exfoliating products can be very evasive and cause incredible discomfort and further sensitivity, also the high fragrance content of many of these products can not only add to skin sensitivity but can also cause the skin to dry out even more. Epsom salt provides you with a natural, non-evasive and gentle way of exfoliating your skin allowing you to gently remove excess dead skin cells without overdoing it. Exfoliating of the whole body is best done in the shower when the skin is damp and then followed by the use of a moisturizer. To naturally and non-evasively exfoliate your skin and then effectively moisturize it afterward, do the following.

  1. Take 1 Cup (250ml) of Epsom Salt
  2. Get in the shower and dampen your skin
  3. Grab a handful of Epsom salt and gently rub it over your skin using your hands
  4. Rinse off all the Epsom salt, taking care to make sure that you have removed all the salt from your skin
  5. Finish your shower routine as usual
  6. Once you are finished in the shower, pat off excess water using a damp face cloth
  7. Before you get out of the shower, rub some extra virgin coconut oil over your body
  8. Pat your skin dry with your towel and dress warmly making sure that as much of your skin is covered in order to lock in the moisture you have given it from the coconut oil, which will be effectively absorbed due to the exfoliating you had done prior to rubbing on the oil
  9. It’s best to do this routine just before bed time since our skin naturally repairs itself while we are sleeping and therefore it will be able to fully reap the benefits of the beauty routine that you have just performed
  10. If you experience any skin discomfort, it may be that you were too harsh with the rubbing of the Epsom salt on your skin, so next time try being a little gentler. However, if you do find further discomfort after trying this routine a second time, then it is possible that your skin is too sensitive to exfoliation as some people do find this. It would then be best not to repeat this routine
  11. If you do not experience any discomfort from performing this routine, then it would be advised that you perform it once a week for best result, but note that exfoliation on too regular a basis can cause skin irritation, so sticking to once a week is best.

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